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AirREX Air Suspension kits now available

Now at Bean Garage are the AirREX air suspension kits for a wide variety of cars.  They are made specifically for each application and are fully customizable as far as components like compressors, tanks, and switches goes.


Available for a huge variety of cars including Honda CR-Z, Honda Fit, Honda Insight, Scion tC, Scion xB, Toyota Prius, and Toyota Yaris.  We have access to the other kits that AirREX offers, so if you have a different ride than those listed above, feel free to contact us for information.  Check out the full listing on our site here.


new vinyls for the Cube

Our Project Cube is coming right along!  Thanks to our current full sponsors for helping out and bringing the theme closer to finish: ATI, ForjWorks, Race Ramps,, and SoCal Wraps.


Import Alliance Nashville 2011

**Everyone please welcome our newest writer to the blog, Rubik! He brought some insight to the recent IA show in Nashville and we are very happy to have him on the team.**

Import Alliance came to Nashville, TN on July 16th and 17t

h. My friends and I made the trip down to meet up with another fellow Cube owner, Chompsticks.

For the most part the show featured vehicles styled for the Hellaflush movement. I was really kind of disappointed in the turnout for subcompacts. The subcompacts that did turnout, however, were pretty good representatives for the scene.

This fit looks like it is on the right track with a hood that is lifted in the rear, lip kit, vent visors, and Drag Wheel replicas of Work Equips.

This fit has some pretty good fitment, sitting on what appears to be some yellow powder coated Rota Slipstreams. The roof rack contains all of the necessary essentials, including a mountain bike, a domo-kun plush, and the most important…a keg of beer. Just don't drink from it before you drive.

These xBs showed up to the show. I'm loving the rat-rod look of the green one. The custom grill was a very nice touch.

A close-up of the board in front of the xB. You kind of have to have a sick sense of humor to enjoy this….thank God I do.

The CR-X is the OG of subcompacts. This one has a California plate and has white steel wheels, and a respectably lowered stance while not being slammed. The companion behind it has Integra factory alloys on it, and also has a rack carrying a bicycle.

Fast-forward 20 years, and Honda gives us the CR-Z. I'm not necessarily a fan of the direction the owner has taken this car, but to each their own. I'm just glad to see someone attempting to modify this platform. Obviously aftermarket manufacturers such as Tein are building demo vehicles, but it's nice to see a grassroots effort as well.

The previous two snaps and the next few are of Chompsticks' and mine's Cubes. We were hoping we would get a bigger East-Coast Cube turnout, but we will settle for two. Spencer complemented us by saying that at least the two that showed up were nice examples. Thanks for being so kind.

Chompsticks' Cube rests static on a combination of KSport and Tanabe coils, which helps him tuck a nice set of 18×8 +25 Work Eurolines. The front features a Canadian market Bug Guard (I think you've talked me into it).

Rubik's Cube is using Megan Racing Springs for a temporary drop on 18×8 +25 and 18×9 +25 SSR Viennas. Other exterior mods include the ATI front grill, and Agency Power Short Antenna.

All in all it was a great trip with some great guys, and I'll definitely look forward to going back for Import Alliance Nashville 2012. If you can't wait for next year, they will be doing a fall show in Nashville again. This time in the stadium.

Rubik signing out.

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Honda Ruckus Air Suspension Kit

We are proud to announce that our friends at ForjWorks have finished their air suspension kit for all years Honda Ruckus.  This kit simply bolts straight on and lowers the Ruckus 3″ on command.  It is made to use with the OEM Honda motor and rear tail frame.  There are 5 kits that are on a special introductory price of $1099 including shipping, down from the normal price of $1299. View it on our site here for purchase information and more details on the kit. We are very excited to be involved with this ground breaking product for Ruckus owners!


TEIN Super Street SS Coilovers for CR-Z available

As part of our commitment to supplying the best aftermarket parts for sub-compacts and hybrids, we have started to add parts for the Honda CR-Z to our catalog recently.  We have been focusing on suspension tuning, offering products from companies like Cusco and TEIN.  Speaking of TEIN Suspension, the new Super Street coilovers are now available for the CR-Z.  See the full listing here.

This model of coilover is great for a daily driver, by providing comfort but also a better stance and cornering stiffness.  This is the best option if you want to drive your CR-Z around during the week, and then take it autocrossing on the weekends.  The ride height and damping force is adjustable so you can dial in your favorite setting given your needs.

Contact us for the best pricing on these today!