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how it’s done (a guide for modding your Cube)

We just received these fantastic pics from one of our customers in Houston, and boy does this Cube look clean.  He is sporting some KSport Kontrol Pro coilovers to help with the lowered stance on rare Volk VR-X wheels in 17x7F / 17x8R in +38 offset all around.

He has kept the exterior styling simple but effective, with an OEM Nissan lip kit, ATI Front Grill, and window visors.  KISS.

This Cube doesn’t yell at you for attention but, car enthusiast or not, you can appreciate the style and detail put in to it.  The stance is just at the right height, daily drivable yet still low enough to close the wheel gap (and still get respect on forums…)

On the inside, he is sporting an Orataro VIP table to keep his passengers’ beverage in place with style.  Hopefully we can get him set up with some Quilted Seat Covers.  Those give off a certain je ne sais quoi

If it were me, I would leave the exterior as is.  The original design of the car is accentuated perfectly by the rare JDM mesh Volk wheels and lowered stance.  Next up on the owner’s list is a rear suspension package, involving a rear sway bar and rear strut bar by Ultra Racing.

racked Cube [MOAB]

Thanks to our newest sponsor, THULE, we have a “M.O.A.B.” (Mother of All Baskets).  The theme of OG-JDM is coming along with wheels being our next target acquisition.

The Rack system from Thule is comprised of the following components:

  • 480 Traverse Foot Pack with LB58 Load Bar Pack 2 pack, KIT 1336 Traverse fitting kit
  • 690XT M.O.A.B Mother Of All Baskets
  • 873XT Fairing 52 Inch

We also have something planned up our sleeve as far as a special paint scheme goes…

Stay tuned for the next round of updates regarding the Bean Garage Cube.  We would like to thank our current sponsors:

  • ATI
  • ForjWorks
  • Race Ramps
  • Thule
  • SoCal Wraps

cube : checked

It’s not everyday that you come across a modified Nissan Cube, much less one like this with a full color change, roof rack, OEM aero kit, air suspension, plaid front lip, and fitted wheels.

The Cube’s main sponsor is ESM Wheels, a bit of a newer player in the world of custom wheels.  I’m always happy to see a Cube on mesh wheels, especially because the Cube’s bolt pattern (4×114.3) is sort of limiting to the range of wheels available.

ForjWorks also helped with the build, as can be seen with the front eyelids and tail lens covers.  Also note the front ATI Grille that is a bit subtle compared to the wrapped front lip.

The ESM 002R 17″ staggered wheels look really great on this Cube, properly fitted with help of air suspension.

There is a great style with this Cube and it’s great to see people taking advantage of what this platform can offer.  The Cube wasn’t designed to go fast.  It was designed with personality and a fun vibe.  Props to the owner and I can’t wait to see what’s next!


NO REASON cool JDM Friday

AirREX Air Suspension kits now available

Now at Bean Garage are the AirREX air suspension kits for a wide variety of cars.  They are made specifically for each application and are fully customizable as far as components like compressors, tanks, and switches goes.


Available for a huge variety of cars including Honda CR-Z, Honda Fit, Honda Insight, Scion tC, Scion xB, Toyota Prius, and Toyota Yaris.  We have access to the other kits that AirREX offers, so if you have a different ride than those listed above, feel free to contact us for information.  Check out the full listing on our site here.